Mulholland Books | April 15, 2014
ISBN 9780316212472


In this gripping thriller, a young CIA lawyer uncovers a dangerous worldwide conspiracy, masterminded by forces within the US intelligence community.

Alex Garnett has spent his life in the shadow of his father, a former Chief of Staff and Solicitor General to two presidents who’s been responsible for getting Alex every job he ever had, including his latest: attorney for the CIA. However, a seemingly routine litigation leads to a series of unexpected events, including poison, kidnapping, torture and murder. As casualties pile up, it becomes clear Alex is the final target in someone’s blood-soaked attempts to cover their tracks.

With the help of a neurotic hacker, Alex unravels a conspiracy older than the CIA itself. The trail of clues reveals the presence of unseen forces that are bringing this nation to the brink of war—and Alex’s life is only one of many in danger.

Full Praise

“Politically savvy… This is a spy thriller for people who don’t ordinarily like spy thrillers…. The book is a paranoid’s delight.”

“Guggenheim’s high-energy debut thriller stars Alex Garnett… prickly, wily, fighting to get out of his father’s shadow—[he] will appeal to readers who appreciate an underdog.”
Overwatch doesn’t just bring together the legal and espionage genres. It merges family problems with professional ones, swirls in a major helping of murder and mayhem, and with a deft touch, reminds us why politics is—always— personal.”
—BRAD MELTZER (The Fifth Assassin)

“Marc Guggenheim is a monster talent, able to go from TV to film to novels with an ease I envy, and the skill of a master storyteller.”
—ED BRUBAKER (Fatale, Criminal, Captain America Sleeper)

“The best thriller writers are always storytellers first and Guggenheim is, quite simply, a terrific storyteller. Part legal thriller, part espionage page-turner… If you ever wanted to know what the marriage of Clancy and Grisham would look like, devour Overwatch.”
—DEREK HAAS (The Right Hand)
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